CenturyLink Event Center Directions

Located at the junction of I-5 and I-90, CenturyLink Field & Event Center is accessible by car or any other mode of transportation.

For current information on parking and transportation options, please call the Transportation Hotline at 1-800-981-6465. Below is some general information to help you plan your visit to CenturyLink Field & Event Center.

From the North and South

I-5 and the Alaskan Way Viaduct both have exits near CenturyLink Field & Event Center. From I-5 there are exits at James Street, 4th Avenue, and Airport Way that will direct you to the facility.

From the East

CenturyLink Field & Event Center can be reached by both I-90 and SR 520 from the east. From I-90, follow the signs to Fourth Avenue South and turn right. Turn right onto South Royal Brougham Way. From SR 520, take I-5 South, then take either the James Street, 4th Avenue, or Airport Way exits to place you in proximity to the facility.