Construction of the entire $430-million stadium and exhibition center complex took less than four years, including the implosion and removal of the Kingdome. The project was completed on time and on budget.

In September 1998, the new exhibition center and parking garage began to rise just south of the Kingdome and north of Safeco Field. By October 1999, the ex center was open and hosting public events.

In March 2000, the Kingdome came crashing to the ground to make way for CenturyLink Field. However, the Kingdome is still "around"-97 percent of its concrete was recycled, and 35 percent was used to build the new stadium.

CenturyLink Field & Event Center was completed in just over two years with hard work from hundreds of contractors, craftspeople, laborers and vendors. The facility was dedicated on July 19, 2002, and hosted its first competitive event on July 28, 2002, when the Seattle Sounders soccer team defeated the Vancouver Whitecaps.