The Washington State Public Stadium Authority (PSA) was created by Referendum 48, a ballot initiative passed by voters authorizing use of public funds to build a Stadium and Exhibition Center. Here you can find background on the PSA and those dedicated to making sure the public's interest is effectively represented in the operation and management of the state-of-the-art facility.

The PSA's mission is to represent the public's interest in owning CenturyLink Field & Event Center and overseeing First & Goal Inc.'s operation of the facility for the benefit of all Washington state citizens.

In pursuit of this mission, the PSA will work to ensure that CenturyLink Field & Event Center:

  • Is accessible and of high quality.
  • Provides economic and entertainment benefits to residents across the state of Washington.
  • Attracts families and individuals of all incomes and interests.
  • Is an asset and symbol of pride to its residential and business neighbors and to all Washington state residents.
  • Remains a showcase that will attract national and international sports, entertainment and trade events and visitors for many decades to come.
  • Serves as a national model for public-private partnerships.